Spencerport Youth Lacrosse (S.Y.L.) Strives to remove the obstacles for boys and girls in grades K-6 to participate in the sport of lacrosse, we aim to provide the highest quality instruction on the fundamentals of lacrosse, with an emphasis on fun, to in

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Girls Equipment

Parents must provide a girls lacrosse stick, goggles & mouth guard 

Boys Equipment
SYL offers the option to rent equipment to K-6 grade boys to allow boys the ability to try the sport without the large commitment.    All Scholastic players must have their own equipment including a helmet for off season play.  The school district issues a helmet and shoulder pads for the Spring season only.  
If you are new to lacrosse, your first SYL season to rent is free.  After that, we charge $40 for a full set (see below) or $20 for a helmet only.  
Rental fee will be collected in Spring registration.  
Any new renters will need to provide a undated check for $150 that is used as a security deposit.  We don’t cash this check - only if we can not get our equipment back.  
PLEASE NOTE:  Our equipment is used.  

Helmets - We invest in the best helmets for our players and most SYL players rent our helmets until they are ready to make the investment.   

Elbow pads - We recommend that if you will continue, that you purchase your own set.  This will allow us to focus on getting new players into the program.  

Gloves - We can offer gloves for first time players but we do ask that you purchase your own for sanitary purposes and they tend to wear quickly.  
Shoulder pads - Starting in 2022 there will be changes to the certifications required for boys lacrosse chest pads.  They will need to be certified with NOCSEA who verifies additional chest protection.  More info at the link below.  This is a significant burden for a small non-profit org such as ours.  We have so many chest pads that we will continue to rent until the end of 2021 to allow our players to try lacrosse with a lower committment.  However, starting in 2022 these pads will no longer be certified.  Our goal has always been to loan to new players and for those that are returning and can, purchase their own pads.  Please note that as you move onto the scholastic level you will need to have your own pads.  

We will start to purchase new certified chest pads to rent, but we will be limited.  We are asking returning families to invest in your own chest pad if possible.  


Parents must provide
Full size lacrosse stick (no mini or fiddle sticks)
Mouth Guard
Athletic cup