Spencerport Youth Lacrosse (S.Y.L.) Strives to remove the obstacles for boys and girls in grades K-6 to participate in the sport of lacrosse, we aim to provide the highest quality instruction on the fundamentals of lacrosse, with an emphasis on fun, to in
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Spencerport Youth Lacrosse,  Frequently Asked Questions

First, lets start with the Spring Season:

Q.        What days of the week are practices?
A.        Boys Program practices are generally Mon, Thurs & Saturday.
A.        Girls Program: generally practices M, W & Saturday.
            Practices day do vary by team due to Coach's availability and
            Indoor practice days differ due to availability.
Q.        What equipment is needed to play Lacrosse?
A.        Boys: Stick, Mouth guard, Cup and Cleats in addition to equipment that is available to borrow: Helmet, Shoulder pads, Arm pads and Gloves.
A.        Girls: Stick, Goggles and Mouth guard. (Must provide)

Q.        What equipment is available to borrow?
A.        Boys: Helmet, Shoulder pads, Arm pads and Gloves.  Our helmets are excellent - Cascade CS-R and CPX-R which are all within 5 years old.  The pads are used and the gloves are limited.  We ask for a $150.00 UNDATED deposit check payable to: Spencerport Youth Lacrosse.   Rental is free for your first season, you can continue to rent the equipment for $40 per year or $25 for helmet only.  
Q.        How long is the Season?
A.        The spring season: Starts end of March and goes until end of May. Some games may be made up in early June

Q.        What is the cost to play?
A.        The Spring season cost is approx $125-$145 registration fee, plus uniform cost for new participants ($70-$80).  


The following questions are specific to the Fall/Winter season:

Q.     How long is the Fall/Winter season?

A.     The Fall/Winter includes games that begin in early November and run through March.  SYL starts practice in late September – Mid October (late October for the girls).  


Q.     How are teams structured?

A.     Both Fall/Winter and the Spring RALL season structures teams by grade – We have both Boys and Girls 1/2, 3/4, 5/6 grade teams.    


Q.     What days of the week are practices and where are they?
A.     Indoor practice days differ due to availability. Each team typically practices twice a week and we utilize local indoor fields space (Salmon Creek, TSE, Munn & Canal View elementary schools).  

Q.     When and where are games?

A.     During the Fall/Winter season, SYL participates in the Youth Lacrosse League at TSE in Gates, NY.  Boys 5/6 games are Friday night, Boys 1/2 & 3/4 games are Saturday afternoon, Girls 3/4 and 5/6 are held on Sunday.   Right now there is not a girls 1/2 grade league.


Q.     What is the cost to play?
A.      The Fall/Winter season cost is approx.. $350 registration fee which primarily covers league costs and indoor practice space.  1/2 fee is lower because they utilize local school gym space.


Q.     Is there a difference between the F/W league and the Spring league?

A.     Yes, the F/W league is more competitive.  Scores are kept, games are played on the boarded fields, and winners are declared at the end of the season.  The Spring season is developmental, scores are not kept and the intention is to develop all players across a range of experience and ability. 


Q.     Who is eligible for the F/W season?

A.     Due to the competitive nature of the F/W league and our limited resources, we generally register only returning players for our F/W teams.  We offer beginner programs for any new player during this timeframe. 


Q.     What are beginner programs?

A.     We started running beginner programs so that boys and girls can try the sport with a small commitment.  We offer a beginner program for boys and girls that generally run from Nov. – Feb.   These programs practice once a week and are approximately $100. 


Q.     Who is eligible for the Spring season?

A.     Any boy or girl in the Spencerport district!  Spring season is a developmental season designed to allow new and experienced players the opportunity to play.


Q.     Can my Kindergartener play?

A.     We allow boys and girls in Kindergarten to play in our beginner programs during the F/W season and we allow Kindergarteners to register for the Spring season K-2 grade team.  There is a big difference between a Kindergartener and a second grader both mentally and physically.  We leave it up to parents to decide if their kindergartener is ready.