Spencerport Youth Lacrosse (S.Y.L.) Strives to remove the obstacles for boys and girls in grades K-6 to participate in the sport of lacrosse, we aim to provide the highest quality instruction on the fundamentals of lacrosse, with an emphasis on fun, to in
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Parent Volunteer Opportunities:
1. Team Parent:  (these responsibilities can be split among 2-3 parents)

  • Responsible for distributing & collecting apparel orders from team. 
  • Help parents utilize website for notification of practice or game changes
  • Upload team photo’s to website
  • Distribute picture order forms to players/parents
  • Coordinate participation at team level for fundraisers
  • Responsible for fielding questions from team to Board Members

2. Tournaments Coordinator
            Responsible for collecting participant waivers and any other documents
Organize and coordinate tents, snacks, water and location set up for each team.

3.  Year End Picnic Coordinator
            Help organize SYL picnic for all SYL teams:
            Assign volunteers:  (Each team should have 4-5 parent volunteers)
            Supervise activities (2-3 each station, per team)
            Organize list of additional items for team
              (Snacks, Salads, Desserts, Drinks)
            Set-up tables, chairs  (1 parent each team)   
            Cook / grill  (1 parent each team)
            Clean-up  (1 parent each team)
4.  Fundraising Coordinator
            Garden Factory: (throughout season)

            Distribute gift cards and collect funds and turn in to Treasurer   

5.  Team Picture Coordinator
            Responsible for having the task of taking 3-5 action shots of each player during the season to be completed by mid-June.
6.  Coach  & Team Awards Coordinator
            Responsible for coordinating the team awards for each team in Spencerport Youth Lacrosse.
Game Day Jobs
7.  Timer & Score Keeper (1 per each team – home game)
            Work sideline table as per instructions and directions from referees.

8.  First Aid Monitor (Multiple: 1 per each team – all games)
             ** We would like all volunteers for this to have CPR/AED training.
               Please let us know if you already attended training or would like to.
              Assess injured player and provide basic first aid.
              Maintain first aid box in game box.
              Report any serious injury to the Spencerport Youth Lacrosse Board.